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    LET'S TALK FOOD Freebies - Mindful Eating

    • Freebie resources

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    Mindful Eating Resources

    • Hunger scale - helping to tune into and address hunger

    • Habit Tracker - Making changes one step at a time

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Your Freebie

Mindful eating is a useful way to be more aware of your hunger and satisfaction. This free set of resources gives:

  • an introduction to the concept of a hunger scale

  • a simple satisfaction journal to help you be more conscious of how you feel before, during and after eating

  • a habit tracker to help you to put mindful eating into practice

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Let's Talk Food! Lynn and Laura are passionate about sharing information to help people make informed choices about the food they eat regardless of what is going on in their lives. If you liked this freebie, maybe you would like some of our other resources.