What do you get inside

Let's Talk Food books are full of useful information, complete with recipes all direct to your in-box

  • Evidence based information

    We are Registered Nutritionists with the Association for Nutrition which requires us to be evidence-based and committed to a set of high standards.

  • Answering real questions

    We target particular issues and groups making the information accessible and simple to put into practice step by step.

  • Nutritionally analysed recipes

    Simple recipes to inspire you to test out the information in the books. All recipes have been nutritionally analysed to ensure balance.

Eating Well for Menopause

To help women navigate the myths and truths of eating well through menopause

​Summarising the biology of menopause, its symptoms and effects on women's bodies, the book explores how changes in diet can support you through the menopause, with a selection of tasty, simple recipes to help.

Soya & Phytoestrogens

What, Why and How Much

We have put this book together to explain the health benefits of soya products and how to include them in your menu. It’s full of information and practical advice along with a selection of simple, nutritious recipes and links to great resources.

Eat Well Handbook

Reduce waste, save money and eat well

This booklet intends to give easy tips to help eat well in a sustainable way whilst watching the pennies. Tips for reducing food waste, using labels, menu planning and saving money along with some great recipes.

Recipes for Recovery

Raising money for cancer charities

We wanted to help make things a bit easier for individuals going through cancer and support their families . This booklet contains some useful dietary tips and a selection of nutritious dinners, mini-meals, snacks and drinks to help make eating well easier in spite of the challenges cancer throws their way. ​ The booklet is available as download on the course platform.