About to start your baby on solids?

It is an exciting step and it is entirely normal to have lots of questions. This introduction to weaning intends to answer the most common ones and guide you to more detailed information from reputable sources.

  • When is my baby ready to start solids?

  • Different approaches to weaning - what you need to know.

  • What is responsive feeding when weaning?

  • How to start and how much to offer.

  • What you need to know about gagging and choking.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to weaning

    • Introduction to Weaning

  • 2

    When, how, what?

    • When is a baby ready for weaning?

    • When to start weaning?

    • Starting weaning - videos and resources

    • Baby Led Weaning Vs Spoon Feeding

    • How to start and with what?

    • Responsive feeding

    • Responsive Feeding - a little exercise to try.

    • Useful links on what and how much to give?

  • 3

    Some Questions Answered

    • Milk and meat

    • Finger foods, Gagging and Choking

    • Gagging - a video

    • Choking - first aid video

    • Allergy

  • 4

    Thank you

    • Before you go...

    • Introduction to Mindful Eating

    • Eat Well Handbook

    • Weaning Links & Resources