Eating Well - Healthy, Affordable & Sustainable

.Can we eat well and achieve all three? As food prices rise can we really eat in a way that supports our health and minimises the effect of food on the environment? We believe you can. Inside our Eat Well Handbook you will find:

  • tips to eat more plants which are good for you and the planet

  • ideas to help reduce food waste which not only helps the planet but saves you money

  • reintroduces you to lesser known and cheaper cuts of meat

  • how to buy fish and seafood that is better for the health of the oceans

  • help with better planning and shopping

  • lots of tasty recipes that are convenient and cheap

Recommended for those working in community food projects

Nutrition Scotland

We'd recommend this book for any organisation working with families creating food parcels, doing community cooking or looking to provide families not just with food but with ideas for sustainable, cheap and NUTRITIOUS family meals. We will definitely be using some of the recipes with families that participate in our programmes.

Love the meal planners!

Lisa Meenan

The tips suggested in this publication are practical and easy to implement. They’ve already begun to make a difference to the way I shop and the types of meals I eat. I also love the meal planners, info gathering, action plan and shopping checklist. I've printed them out and put them to use. Such a simple but​ fantastic idea!

Meal planning and specifying what you want to achieve


The meal planning chapter is so like specifying what you wanted to achieve, having a way to measure your success and making it achievable were really good points and then the suggestion of keeping a dedicated note book.


Registered Nutritionist Lynn Burns

Lynn is a registered nutritionist with many years experience in public health nutrition and recipe analysis. Having gained many years experience working in various nutrition positions within the UK civil service, she is now free lance writing, delivering courses and developing recipes. She has a passion for making eating well accessible to all regardless of the stage of life, health and fitness. A former Trustee of the Caroline Walker Trust, Lynn is very involved in charitable organisations and is currently a scout leader with a great deal of experience working with young people.


A big thank you to Michelle Garvin who helped immensely with the recipe development and testing, collating the drafts and amendments as part of a student placement.

We would also like to thank Nick Ansell ANutr for testing recipes and providing some beautiful photos.

Soya Foods - Do you Tofu?

A great way to add more plant foods

If you want to eat in a more environmentally sustainable way or to add more plant foods to your menu then soya foods can be a great addition. Many people have never tried soya foods despite their versatility. If that's you then this download is for you. Explains the benefits of soya and tackles some myths with a selection of recipes to try out.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Eat Well Handbook

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    3. Recipes to help you eat well for your health, your pocket and the planet!

    1. More resources for you

    2. Mindful Eating - a useful tool to support changing habits?

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