Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Beauty & Myths

    2. How to use this course

    3. Let's Meet Lynn & Laura

    1. The effect of menopause on hair, skin and eyes

    2. How diet and lifestyle impacts hair, skin and eye health

    3. Summary

    4. Recipe Time - Spring rolls

    5. Recipe Time - Smoothie bowl

    1. Introduction to Myths & Marketing

    2. Nutritional & Food supplements

    3. Herbal supplements for menopause

    4. Common herbal remedies claiming to improve menopausal symptoms

    5. Diets for Menopause?

    6. Considerations before trying supplements or herbal remedies

    1. Summary and Useful Links

    2. A sample of Hot Flushes and Phytoestrogens

    3. Eating Well for Menopause - the book

About this course

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Many women find that their hair, skin and eyes change in how they look or feel. This can have a big effect on how they feel about themselves. By understanding why these things happen, we can make choices about how to eat that supports the health of these things. In addition, with menopause becoming more talked about, menopausal women are targeted with marketing and myths. This course includes:

  • How menopause affects skin, hair and eyes - how can we make a difference with food.

  • How to navigate the myths and marketing

  • How to make informed choices about what to try and what to avoid


What people are saying about this course

5 star rating

Very informative and engaging

Valeria Folco

Practical tips, busted nutrition & menopause myths and delicious recipes. I really enjoyed this course!

Practical tips, busted nutrition & menopause myths and delicious recipes. I really enjoyed this course!

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Registered Nutritionist Lynn Burns

Lynn is a registered nutritionist with many years experience in public health nutrition and recipe analysis. Having gained many years experience working in various nutrition positions within the UK civil service, she is now free lance writing, delivering courses and developing recipes. She has a passion for making eating well accessible to all regardless of the stage of life, health and fitness. A former Trustee of the Caroline Walker Trust, Lynn is very involved in charitable organisations and is currently a scout leader with a great deal of experience working with young people.

Registered Nutritionist Laura Wyness

Laura is an award winning Registered Nutritionist who specialises in nutrition writing, workplace wellness and nutrition communications. Laura studied for her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Aberdeen. Now with over 15-years’ experience working in food innovation and academic research she loves reviewing the scientific evidence and translating it into clear messages. Her freelance work includes providing nutrition content, workplace wellness support and online nutrition consultations for individuals. She also enjoys testing out new recipes!